Cal Munson

Registered Piano Technician
Ann Arbor, MI

mobile: 734-645-1865

I have been a full-time piano technician for over 30 years. My primary skills are tuning, voicing, repairs and regulation.

In 1984 I completed a one year Piano Tech program at the New England Conservatory in Boston, then apprenticed for two years at the Steinway dealer in Chicago, where I joined the Piano Technician’s Guild. I passed their exam and was certified as a Registered Piano Technician in 1987. I re-certified in 2015.

In the 1990’s I began an independent practice in Ann Arbor and worked for Mr Richard King, owner and founder of King’s Keyboard House. By tending to the pianos that passed through his store, and as his personal technician, I gained experience in the art of piano service.

Playing a piano after it is tuned reveals the state of its touch and its tone. Minor adjustments often make major improvements, in particular, to its sound. Voicing is one of the experienced field technician's primary values to the piano player.